Tuesday, November 18, 2003


Last night I went to dinner with one of my students and her husband. A nice, pseudo-English pub place that's in a revitalized section of Arcadia, the town just to the east of Pasadena. Bodington's Cream Ale is very nice.

The street was very quiet since we didn't meet until almost 8:30. And it was cold. It felt like a scene from some sentimental Christmas movie. The shops were closed but the window displays were enticing.

I haven't done any serious browsing or shopping in a couple of years. Yarn shops excluded. Now I'm really ready for a couple of days of oh-ing and ah-ing in those clever little boutiques. I don't like malls particularly and only go to them when I'm in a hurry and know exactly what I want and where to find it. But boutiques are a whole other thing!

I'm also wanting to go antique-ing. This is a senseless activity since I'm definitely not in need of any more chairs or tables or footstools. But we drove by one of my former haunts a few nights ago and I haven't been able to get rid of the dream. I just have to go and see what's out there.

A lot of the places I want to go are closed on Monday which is sort of a mixed blessing. I need someone to come along with me and most people don't have Mondays off. Maybe I can convince Lisa that she needs to take a day off and join me.

This is not a good time for me to be shopping. It's property tax time and car insurance in addition to my mounting dental care assessments. And I really want some yarn from
The Spirit Trail and Mystical Creation Yarns. And if things work out I'm going to Velona's next Monday with Mendy.

But right now I'd better go get ready for Skein. I hope I have lots of students this week. It seems like I'm going to be needing some extra cash.

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