Monday, November 10, 2003

the beat goes on

Today, between loads of laundry, I tried for the third time to get the armholes on a top I made for my daughter to look at least half way decent. The pattern says to do a single row of crochet. Looks terrible. Clunky and shabby. Then I tried picking up around the armhole and binding off immediately. It looked okay but it wanted to curl to the outside. Now I've just ripped an inch of 1/1 ribbing. Too many stitches but I think once I figure that ratio I will be okay. I kept saying to myself, "What would Becky do? I'm sure she wouldn't let something like this slow her down.

I wore my new Blogger sweat shirt Saturday night. No one asked what the logo was. I'm glad I ordered the extra large. It's the smallest extra large I've ever seen. I was planning on it shrinking when I was it. I hope it doesn't.

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