Wednesday, November 19, 2003

I could go on and on but...

It's hard to maintain the myth of a knitting blog when there's so little knitting to blog about. I have been doing a little knitting but it's mostly stuff I can't talk about right now or an inch or two more on existing, previously mentioned, stuff. So there you have it. Knitting goes on, much like life, creeping its petty pace from day to day.

Last night I went to another concert in the Southwest Chamber Orchestra series. Had an excellent time. They played four Cesar Chavez pieces, a Paul Hindemith and a Bela Bartok. I'd heard the Bartok before but the others were all new to me. Listening to this music live is so much easier than hearing it on the radio. I can almost begin to really like it, especially the Bartok.

We also took a little stroll over to the new Disney Concert Hall. It's very over the top and showy. Kinda like what I'd expect. Extensive use of expensive materials. And wine in the cafeteria for $14.00 a split. Too obviously elistist I'd say. They had a big plastic Christmas tree. Kinda fits.

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