Wednesday, November 12, 2003

Time off

It's a very wintery day here. Well, by Southern California standards. The sky is a flat grey with a few bright spots along the horizon of mountains to the north of my house. Not very inspiring but it is supposed to bring some rain. We've been waiting for this rain for several days now. So far nothing though.

Yesterday was Veterans' Day. I usually forget that I'm a veteran. I wonder if I would remember it more if I had actually been in a war zone. I spent my years as a commissary store officer. Lived for two years in Korea. That's where my daughter was born. And I had a few months at the commissary in Long Beach. Sometimes when people ask me if I was in the Korean War I get a little irritated. That would make me about ten or twelve years older than I actually am. But I think I'd feel more like a veteran than I do if I could answer yes. Most of the guys I went to Officer Candidate School with were sent to Vietnam. I'm lucky I guess that I didn't get orders there. My older brother flew in and out of Vietnam a lot during that war. He was an air force pilot as well as flew for one of the airlines that transported people there. His stories of some of the action are pretty scary. Neither of my younger brothers spent any time in the military. So I read a lot of tributes to veterans on the blogs yesterday. It made me feel good, even if I did serve on the sidelines.

I took the day off from blogging yesterday. I haven't had much to report lately and I've been busy with other things. I worked on some socks while I was at Skein. I'm just starting the heel flap of the first one. (Try to contain yourself.) There was a vendor from Plymouth Yarns there. They're coming out with some new yarns for spring that are a big leap ahead for them. Nice novelty stuff mostly. Their biggest seller, at least for us, is Eros, one of the many railroad yarns out there. They have four new colors. They also have a new version. It's a railroad but has a zigzag of thin, very thin, gold thread twisted around the railroads. I think this will make the stuff a little easier to knit. And it adds a new look, more glittery, to the yarn. Look for it at your lys within the next month or so.

I'm meeting my friend Mendy for lunch at Shakey's today. We have lots of stuff to talk about and she's going to spend the afternoon at Skein. I see her at least once a week for the Thursday knit together but we always have more to talk about than we can fit in during that time. I've only known Mendy since last February but it's more like we've been friends forever.

So anyway, I may or may not be a little erratic in my posting for the next little while. You don't get peaks if you don't have some valleys.

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