Sunday, November 23, 2003

Options or whatever

This guy whose name is either Francisco or Fernando came into Skein last week to get some yarn to make a shawl or a scarf for his sister's birthday, or maybe it was for her Christmas present. He wanted either very fine lace weight or maybe worsted. But he did know which pattern he was going to use.

The pattern is basically Y/O, K2tog and then purl back on the second row. I made a test swatch while I was at Skein using some scrap yarn. It looked pretty good. So when I got home I cast on for a scarf using the pattern and some leftover yarn. Well, at first I liked it and then I didn't. I still haven't decided. I'm probably going to rip it out and use the yarn for something else. Or I may rip it out and start over on a smaller size needle with fewer stitches. I want to use up the leftover yarn or else I'll just add it to the box of other scraps.

According to my computer today is Sunday. When I woke up I thought it was some other day. Like maybe Friday or Monday. It's like this a lot of the time. With the exception of Monday I'm at Skein either at 11 or at 1. Oh, and on Saturday I'm there at 10. So either way the odds of my being on time are pretty good.

I meant to work on holiday gifts last night but kept procrastinating until I gave up and went to bed. I wonder if I'll get everything done. Either I will have one thing or seven, or somewhere in between. I can hardly wait to find out.

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