Monday, November 17, 2003

Hats off!

Just back from another bout of dental artistry. I hope this temporary crown doesn't give me the same problems I've had before. In two weeks I'll have a shining new porcelain one and then the real fun begins. Why didn't this stuff happen while my COBRA was still in effect?

My bi-polar student has sold a scarf. Albeit, it was her sister who bought it. But it looked cute on and they're both very happy. She started a hat in the round on Saturday and we ripped it out yesterday. She keeps switching directions when she picks it up. I need to convince her to only work on it when she's with me or else to learn to love its unique lopsidedness. She told me yesterday that she also has ADD. The list of things she's dealing with keeps growing.

I thought when I got her started on circular needles she would quit leaning sideways as she knits. Sometimes I think she's going to fall out of her chair. But the circulars didn't seem to make any difference. Good thing she's kinda broad beamed.

I spent two hours on the poncho last night. That's only four rounds. I have about another ten inches to go and then the fringe. And I finished the top for Lisa that was giving me fits with the armholes.

I also cleared out some of my hat inventory. I had forgotten most of them. My friend Dorris took them for her church's outreach program, along with three scarves that were just taking up space. Now to get started on some more. I like making hats but Lisa doesn't wear them so they usually just accumulate. I have a bunch of crocheted hats that I need to wash before I can donate them. Maybe I'll get to that sometime this week.

A few Christmases ago Lisa made a contribution in my name to the Heifer Foundation. Someone somewhere got a chance to improve his/her life. If you'd like to make a difference you can go here, here or here to do it. These are just the ones I know about. There are probably others. Thanks, Teresa, Wendy and Deb for getting this whole thing off the ground.

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