Monday, February 10, 2003

Very busy weekend at Skein. Ann Mary stayed home yesterday because she has a cold or something. Lots of customers as well as folks looking for knitting help. I haven't been doing any knitting for the past few days, except for a hat that I'm making to match the scarf (shop sample) that I just finished. I'll probably find some time later today to work on the cabled raglan.

It's kinda funny that I had the same concern as Erica about announcing my birthday. Well, today is it. In another year I'll be able to qualify for Medicare. I've been wined and dined for most of the weekend and the fun will continue through most of the month. Lisa came over on Friday and we went to dinner. Saturday I went to a concert of the LA Chamber Orchestra and had dinner with a friend. Sunday, some other friends took me to dinner and then to see "Chicago". Got a stack of birthday cards today. Some nice gifts and gift certifcates. So it's been good.

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