Tuesday, February 25, 2003

There was snow on the mountains this morning. First time this winter that I've seen that (if you don't count Mt. Baldy way off in the distance). And it continues to be cold tonight. Wearing a hat indoors really helps!

Joanne called last night and cancelled our knitting get together for this evening. She also said she might not be able to make it to Skein for her Tuesday afternoon stint. Since I needed to see Ann Mary to go over some of the Sunday stuff I decided to go over early and see if she needed my help. Well, she wasn't there. Her husband was sitting behind the counter, playing FreeCell. Ann Mary had an appointment with her doctor and wasn't coming in until later. I had a couple of people right away that needed help with their knitting. And sold them a bunch of yarn before they left. Ann Mary came in just as they were leaving. And we stayed busy all day. Very unusual for a Tuesday. I ended up teaching a few people a variety of things but mostly how to bind off loosely. And Joanne didn't come in.

I finished the first half of the front of the Easter vest. (No, I didn't get it done yesterday.) And I've started the second front. I'm very pleased with the short rows and the 3 needle bind off. I love showing this bind off to people who have never heard of it. So I had a chance to do that for a couple of people today. I'm looking for a ribbon or contrast yarn to do a row of single crochet around the neck and fronts of the vest but so far nothing is quite right. No pictures until the weekend because Lisa is using my camera for a special project she's doing.

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