Wednesday, February 26, 2003

I'm not sure I should even write about this. I know I don't have the world's most exciting life. No trips to Rome or overnights in Paris. Not even a weekend in Daytona. But never the less, I do manage to get out and about a few times a week. But it seems I really don't have much of a life after all.

Last night, in what seemed like an all night event, I dreamed everything as a blog. No pictures, just black text on a grey background. It seemed pretty interesting at the time. But I don't remember anything about what the blog said. I just remember that it was pretty good reading. (Usually when I try to read anything in a dream it wakes me up.) I'm not sure if I need to quit reading or update my dream site so I can get color.

This is probably getting pretty monotonous by now. But it was another crazy, busy day at Skein. A couple of new knitters and several folks returning to knitting after many years of being away from it. Ann Mary handled most of the sales but I did get a few chances to help out. I like working with people who are putting together a new project, especially when they want to mix up the colors and textures. What I don't like is when we don't have enough of the yarn on hand to complete the project. Ann Mary is happy to order but then there's the whole dye lot thing or waiting until a new shipment comes in. Hardly anyone wants to wait to start a new project.

Ann Mary asked me if I could work tomorrow but I already have plans. (I don't usually work on Thursday.) I'm going with some of my students to check out a couple of shops in the Valley. The Happy Hooker (corny, dated name) and Bishop's, neither of which I've ever been to. So maybe I'll just break my no yarn buying regulation and pick up a little something for a hat. Or maybe a book.