Thursday, February 13, 2003

In spite of, or because of, the heavy rains we had on Tuesday and yesterday Skein was pretty busy. We don't have our own parking lot so there's only street parking or the Shakey's Pizza lot next door. (Shakey's doesn't seem to mind if our customers park there.) Their lot was full yesterday so most everyone had to park on the street. Wading was the only option. Squishy shoes and dripping umbrellas were the uniform of the day. Plus we had two leaks in the ceiling. Neither of them were dripping on the yarn but it was hazardous to watch out for the waste cans and boxes that were set out to catch the water. (We didn't have an extra trash can so Ann Mary lined a cardboard box with a plastic bag and that worked just fine.)

I had a new student that was a referral from someone I taught a couple of weeks ago. She knew how to do the knit stitch and to cast on. So we worked on purling and got started on a hat. She and the lady who sent her in are leaving today for Utah to watch their kids in an ice hockey tournament. They're both taking their knitting with them. I hope they don't drop any stitches. I'll be seeing them again next week, I think. Love new knitters!

I did manage to knit a lot yesterday afternoon. I think I'm getting some kind of repetitive motion problem. This has sort of been building up for the last month or so. The upper part of my right arm has a sharp pain in it sometimes. Last night I felt like something had torn loose and the whole arm felt weak. I'm going bowling tonight so I'll see if there's anything else wrong. (Maybe I can use that as an excuse for my recently poor performance on the lanes.) So I'm taking a couple of days off of knitting, except for when I have to teach something. Rats! this was not supposed to happen.

And so on to Valentine's Day. Ellen has some interesting comments about this latest commercialized day. I'm not against love or gifts and maybe I'd feel differently if there there was anything approaching a SO in my life but really! Christmas seems like enough! Oy, the pressure!

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