Tuesday, February 18, 2003

I just looked out the window and was surprised that there was no snow. There are so many photos on the blogs this morning that it was hard to believe I am not affected. Some really amazing stuff. Look at this.
Snow in the city must really be a pain.

Life right now is a garter stitch scarf using Encore. It seems to just be going on in its monotonous way. There are certain benchmarks that I use to let me know that something has happened. Usually I go to Joanne's on Tuesday night for a knitting and visiting session but we're skipping it tonight because she has some construction/plumbing stuff going on right now and thinks her house will be too much of a mess. I realize this is about as exciting as a dropped stitch but it is a change in my routine. Big deal! So tonight I get to stay in and maybe, guess what, knit or clean house. Mustn't get too excited.

So the vest I started using the discontinued Pinguoin yarn is proceeding as expected. It's only slightly less boring than garter stitch. I hope it will be done by Friday. If I don't forget I will buy some batteries today so I can post a picture tomorrow. If I weren't so indolent I would go to Radio Shack and buy a charger and a couple of sets of batteries. But then I don't really take all that many pictures. I need a new black cartridge for my printer and I have a gift card from Best Buys. Maybe I can get both things there. The possibilities are endless!

Sunday at Skein was another madhouse. There are just some customers that you're not happy to see. And there were three of them all at the same time. And an ongoing student who is dyslexic and has ADD. Try explaining garter stitch in the round! And gauge, forget it. I'm not sure if she really got the concept of how to figure out how many stitches to cast on. However, she does keep trying and is very proud of her accomplishments. And is a good sport about having to rip and start over.

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