Friday, February 14, 2003

Let's see, did anything interesting happen today? Not much that I can remember. It didn't rain and it wasn't exactly sunny but still a nice day. Got to Skein about an hour early and started in right away with a couple of new customers. Then I had my almost weekly sock student. (Why would someone make socks with black yarn when they can't see what they're doing in the first place?) We finished the toe decreases on the first sock and she was one stitch short. I wanted to let it go but she insisted on finding the missing stitch. After ripping back to the beginning of the toe decreases it was discovered that there were actually two missing stitches that had apparently never been picked up back at the gusset. So she'll be back next week to do the other sock.

I finally got up to the armhole on the front of my merino sweater. K3/P2 can get really boring but everyone has commented on how great the color is and what nice yarn and the knitting is so perfect. Who am I to deny them? I think I will like wearing the sweater when it's finally done, maybe in a couple of weeks. I made sure I took lots of breaks so my arm didn't get so freaked out. Seems to have worked. Bowling didn't seem to bother me. In fact I had a better night than I've had in several weeks.

We had to unpack the Christmas stockings today. Another new customer who is really on top of her holiday knitting. Ann Mary has been in business for almost four years now. Seems like we get someone new almost every day that just can't believe they haven't seen the shop before. And the usual comment about how there just aren't any knitting shops around. (I know of two that are within 20 minutes of Skein.) But the business continues to grow. The spring yarns are starting to arrive. We're having a hard time getting big needles, all the suppliers seem to have them on back order.

Guess I better go clean up the kitchen and see if I can find something colorful to work on. Or maybe I'll just do a couple of rows on the cabled raglan.

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