Monday, February 24, 2003

I just finished another London Beanie. We're having a winter day here so the hat is very handy and it's doing it's job perfectly. Cozy!

I couldn't believe the number of people who came into Skein yesterday. I had four students at once plus several more experienced knitters going at once. I also had to deal with the customers as Ann Mary was away for the day. Her husband ran the register so I didn't have to deal with that.

One student had twisted her stitches on the hat she is making. So that had to be ripped. I don't think she'll twist her stitches ever again. Then someone else had to learn how to decrease and to work on double points. I thought she'd faint before it was all over. And then another brand new knitter had to learn how to bind off. For her it was a piece of cake. I also showed her how to do ribbing and she just got it in nothing flat. (I love it when that happens.) I didn't stop all day. And we sold a lot of yarn. Wish I had had more time to visit with some of the regulars that came in.

So I'm home for the day and getting ready to do some of the chores. And I'm hoping I can finish the major knitting on the Easter vest. But I have to run a couple of errands. Hope I'm back before the rain starts.

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