Tuesday, July 31, 2007

HP and me and other stuff

When the last book came out, the one before this one, I just prayed that I'd live long enough to get to read book seven. Well, I'm reading it. I just can't stay up all night like I used to even though I'd like to. So today, my day off, I'll be reading as much as I can, between loads of laundry. I'm enjoying it even though I think there's a lot of filler.

I had as many students yesterday as I had all last week. Which is a good thing. I did manage a couple of rows on the fir cone shawl, and to rip back one and a half of those rows to pick up a dropped stitch in a double decrease. Not much else though.

It was so pleasant this morning while I was out walking. Very overcast, a bit of a breeze and only about 65F. And no one was using the laundry room when I got back so I got an early start on that. There may still be time to get out later today to visit some knitting friends.

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mehitabel said...

I'm making my way through HP7 much more slowly than any of the other books. Eye problems, and I think I am just hating to see the series come to an end. However, my daughter is waiting for me to finish so she can borrow the book so I guess I'd better get on with it!