Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Further frustration

Here's the current state of my MS 3. Right where I threw it yesterday morning after discovering that I was missing three yarn overs four rows back. I think I must have dropped them while I trying to figure out why my stitch total had suddenly increased by four. After working a plain purl row. The previous knit row worked out just fine, or so I thought. No idea why I suddenly had too many stitches.

The yarn is black, the stitches are small and it's nearly impossible to see what I'm doing, especially since we aren't having much sunshine right now. I'm beginning to doubt my ability to do this. Not really. I'm just getting frustrated with my constant screw-ups. I should be done with the second clue by now but instead find myself back at row 121.

Today could be better. Except I have to do some chores first. I need to do a major vacuuming because the a/c repair guy is coming by this afternoon. And he's allegic to cats. Patrick is shedding like crazy right now so every surface is coated with cat hair. So I'll get that done this morning, even if my vacuum cleaner is only limping along right now, due in part to having too much cat hair to collect. I wonder if I could get the a/c repair guy to look at my vacuum.

I went to Mendy's last night to coach her in doing the attached I-cord of her Spanish Dancer Shawl and to get her started picking up the stitches for the ruffle. (She just called me and is ready to start the increasing. If you've made this shawl you know that the real fun is just beginning.)So anyway, I was supposed to bring home her spare Ott light so working the black lace abyss wouldn't be so eye-exhausting. But I forgot it. Maybe there'll be sun later.


TheBunny said...

Looks like we are in about the same place. It seems like I never get to just do a few rows without having to figure out a screw up, trying to undo and then just getting back to where I left off.

I've already knit the thing 3 or 4 times!

Lisa said...

I feel your pain...but I've only made it to row 97. I have found that I seem to lose the YO's on the purl row. They tend to fall off as you are knitting the stitches next to them.

mary said...

Take heart in knowing that we're all in this together. I'm riding the lace-knitting-high right now and now it's just a matter of time before I get smacked down again.

lexa said...

I can see the frustration in black lace knitting! It is looking beautiful, though.

I am still thinking about doing a Sakura Cherry Blossom shawl. I think that would be a good starter shawl. Need the yarn first!

Thanks for the tip on titles. Its just been the last two posts that I can't add a title. Guess I'll try the bold thing in the meantime. :)

katherine said...

Well, it looks really nice! I wish I could offer some advice, but the best I can come up with is wait 'til the light is good, and don't worry about keeping up, just do it at your own pace and you'll get there.