Thursday, July 12, 2007

Cruising with moon jellies

Typical tourists taking pictures. Mendy and I on our harbor cruise yesterday. I didn't get any decent photos myself. Must have been the champagne and wine. But it was a whole lot of fun. The day was perfect, sunny, breezy and there was yarn shopping to go along with it. We had the same pilot as last year and he wes even better this year. He took extra time so we could all get to see the moon jellies.

Here they are, just floating along waiting to be petted.

Susan's version.

Mendy's view.

These are local jellyfish called moon jellies. They're so delicate and fragile looking that it's surprising when you touch them to discover that they're actually quite tough and leathery feeling. And if you hold one in your hand it's like there's been a snail in your palm. I don't know if they exist elsewhere in the world but they are a local favorite and they seem to only live in this one spot.

Not much knitting though. A few rounds on a simple sock. Maybe tomorrow will be better.


Bron said...

I love moon jellies - they are my fav attraction at the ABQ Aquarium. Thanks for sharing - glad you had such a good time!

katherine said...


lexa said...

Those jellies are very cool looking! They almost look alien.

Mendy said...

Are you going to show the birds tomorrow???