Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Update Tuesday

Well, it didn't quite happen. I hadn't planned on being as busy yesterday as I turned out to be. From the time the shop opened until it closed. Not crazy busy but still busy. Plus, a lot of what did not sell during the June sale had to be reshelved or marked down some more. Yarns that were 50% are now 75% off, so long as you buy all we have in a single color. There are some really good deals if you're looking for ones and twos for hats or mittens. And there's still plenty of glitz if you're planning ahead for the holidays.

I got a comment yesterday that Bishop's in Chatsworth is closing. I've only been out there a few times but I've always found some great prices and plenty of selection. I'm not surprised she's closing. She's been there since early forever. The last I heard she was 86 so I guess she's planning on cutting back. I hope I can make it out there one more time to say goodbye and wish her well. And everything is half price, including books and accessories.

I started the Mystery Shawl #3 last night. Didn't make much progress though since I was tired and I'm working with black laceweight yarn. The fan going made it a bit hazardous. I'll get some more done tonight though. I did finish knitting the Kureyon shawl but I still have to weave in the ends and get some photos. Sounds like a good Fouth of July project.

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lexa said...

Have a wonderful holiday tomorrow! Hope you get a lot accomplished.

We had our holiday on Sunday, and most people got a long weekend since most stuff was closed yesterday. The kids get fireworks twice. We watched them Sunday night at the town where we go camping. Our home town has our big yearly festival this weekend, and there are fireworks planned for Sunday night (but none on Canada's birthday). It's going to be extra crazy this year because there's also the 50th reunion for the high school. So there are like 800 more people than normal here for Privateer Days.