Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Wednesday or is that all you've got

A friend of mine just got a new iPhone. It's amazing. Anyone who knows me will attest that I'm not much when it comes to electronic gadgets. Don't even have a cell phone or TIVO or any of that stuff. But I have to say if I had an iPhone I'd be really happy.

Instead I'm getting a new air conditioner. It should be here in a few days. It's coming from New Mexico. Once it's here we'll schedule the installation. Looks like it's still a couple of weekends away.

So I'm not getting a new iPhone. Maybe for Christmas. By then it may be obsolete.

Still making progress on the MS3. I'm about six rows into Chart E which, if you're making one you'll know, is the beginning of clue #4. We have a couple of weeks to finish this clue before the next one comes out. I have to get this one done this week because Lisa is bringing me HP7 on Sunday and I'll be busy for a couple of days.


dragon knitter said...

you'll LOVE HP 7, especially if you liked the others. it's my favorite. however, you'll need kleenex.

and i had to start over with my MS3. my needles were too big, so i took them back, and got size 1. much better. however, i only work on it at night after the kids go to bed, so i'm only on row 22. (chart A, lol)

mehitabel said...

I'm going to start over on MS3. I just don't like the way mine is looking! I've got some black possum yarn I might try out... or the Malabrigo laceweight. All I know is, the white merino lace looks terrible, and my swatch didn't bloom as well as I would have hoped. Oh well. I won't rip it out, just set it aside, just in case!

Anonymous said...

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