Friday, July 06, 2007

Learning from my mistakes.

I should have paid more attention when Sharon told me to use a lifeline. Plus I should have learned from my Starbucks experience of a couple of days ago. Really it's not such a good idea to work on the MS3 in public. At least for me.

I have to rip at least ten rows before I can proceed with the next set of clues. I got some addi lace needles yesterday at Unraveled and they're much easier to use than the Inox Express. Nice points but I don't much care for the needle surface. Feels like I'm using some old aluminum needles. And I like the very flexible cable.

So after I get home tonight I'll be trying to correct the latest mistakes and getting started on the new clue.

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Unknown said...

You might want to try the Knit Picks options needles, if you're on a size 4 or greater. They have a tiny hole where you screw them tighter together and get ready--you can thread some dental floss or other thin yarn through that hole and it AUTOMATICALLY pulls a life line through as you knit.

It's really kinda awesome. Already saved my life once on MS3!