Thursday, July 19, 2007

Plain ol' socks

If I had had any idea of how slow it was going to be yesterday I would have taken something a bit more complex to knit. Yesterday was the first half day of my temporary extra days per week schedule. When I got there, a little before one, the table where I usually hold forth was packed with customers and staff who were just finishing their weekly buffet. And then a few of them stayed on for most of the rest of the afternoon. If I had had more than the one or two people who came in for help there would not have been room for them to sit. I just hope yesterday wasn't typical. Even four hours is a long time when there's next to nothing to do.

I'm making these socks for an as yet undertermined recipient. I think they're going to be too large for Lisa but not large enough for me. Not that I'd actually wear something this loud. I only like plain grey or white. I'm also using some needles that are new to me, Bryspun Bry-Flex dpns. I like them except I think they change my gauge somewhat. But they should help with the digital fatigue factor. I'm going to try a short row heel once again and see if I'm any better at it that I have been in the past.

Mendy abruptly cancelled knitting for tonight so I have a chance to go knit with the gang at Unraveled and then, just maybe, go out for margaritas and dinner. Otherwise I'll come home and continue with the MS3.


lexa said...

I really like the colors of the new sock. It's been really quiet lately at our store, and I find the time goes by so slowly when it's like that.

Rachael said...

Oh, please, can you tell me what brand/color that sock is? I LOVE IT. Love everything about it.
Rachael ( )