Monday, July 16, 2007

Starting over, again

I was really looking forward to yesterday. I had the whole day to work on the MS3. I didn't see any reason why it wasn't going to be a pleasant, easy knit. I mean, the pattern isn't hard. The charts are nice and big and easy to see.

I spent most of twelve hours knitting and unknitting the same four rows. I think I made it up to row 161 a couple of times but mostly I knit and reknit row 159, occasionally ripping back as far as row 155.

I don't think I'm going to finish this shawl any time soon. The black wool yarn is beginning to wear me down. I can't see the stitches so when I'm ripping it's mostly by feel and then looking to see if what I have on the needle is actually the stitch I mean to be taking out. I have a headache this morning which I think must be from eyestrain.

So, for the moment, I'm leaving the MS3 alone while I decide what to do. Most likely I'll find a different yarn and start over.

This is the week that I add a couple of afternoons to my work schedule. I'll be going in on Wednesday and Thursday afternoons from one to five. I'm not sure how long this is going to be for, probably six or eight weeks. I'm covering for the other knitting teacher who is away for a while.

Also, A Stitch in Time is going to be closed for a few days next month, from the sixth through the tenth. The parking lot is being repaired and resurfaced. Maybe that's when I'll get caught up on the MS3.


lexa said...

I know how you feel with aggravating knitting! I am having a terrible time for some reason with my Sockapalooza socks. The pattern is fine, it's just me. I ripped the heel turn out at least twice, and I wasn't happy with my gusset pick ups, so that went twice. I changed the heel turn to my usual, so that made me happy. Sometimes I find one side of the gusset turns out great, and the other side doesn't for some reason. And since these are for a stranger I'm super fussy. I'm on the gusset decreases now, so I'm hoping sock one will be done late tonight or tomorrow. (This is the worst time I've had with a sock in a long time!)

I've been working extra the past couple of weeks. There are only two full-time people at the store besides the owners, and one is on vacation. At the end of the month the other one is gone for a week. Next month is my turn. I'm going to Alberta for the first time to see my best friend that I haven't seen in five years. I plan on taking some basic socks and a baby blanket. (We're going in the Big Rig, so it will be long days of driving. Needs something to occupy myself, but nothing complicated.)

Anonymous said...

Oh, Larry, if only you could work on Saturdays!


TheBunny said...

I finally changed yarns. Once I was working on a fingering weight instead of lace weight I have flown through the pattern and I like the result a lot better too. As much fun as it was to stretch out the lace weight work, I knew I wasn't going to get much use out of it.

mary said...

Too bad about your mystery shawl. I hope you can take a short break from it and get your mojo back. Find a yarn you absolutely love and here's to hoping you get back in the groove with it.

Fay Lynn said...

Oh No, we won't see you on thursdays now. withdrawls.......

dragon knitter said...

i am actually using a medium grey alpaca laceweight, myself. it's coming out VERY lacy, but i can see the pattern, so i'm leaving it for now. i hate the thought of frogging the laceweight, lol. i am only up to row 31, mostly because i only work on it after hte kids have gone to bed (teenage boys are just as bad as toddlers), and the older one just started summer school, sigh)

Bess said...

Oh OH! Black yarn! Yes! I love it, but it can do terrible things to your eyes.

My fiber motto is - 3 mistakes and it's time to put it down. Walk away. Come back tomorrow. Yep.

I think that black knitting is something we do when we want to dedicate ourselves to a higher color.