Sunday, July 08, 2007

Sunday afternoon

It's nice. It's quiet. It's not too hot. And I'm done with Clue #1 of the Mystery Shawl. Actually I've worked about six rows of Clue #2. This one is much easier than the first one plus I'm more familiar with the overall pattern or at least this section and how it relates to the first clue.

Once I realized I couldn't work on this project in public things got a lot easier, or maybe not easier, but I didn't make as many mistakes that needed to be undone. I'll probably have a picture tomorrow.

In general I'd say that I'm not comfortable knitting in public. I'm okay knitting in a yarn store but sitting around at Starbucks or some place like that makes me uncomfortable. I know it's because I feel threatened by people who I always imagine are whispering or making comments among themselves about a guy knitting. That's mostly my own insecurity I'm sure. I've never had anyone say anything derogatory directly to me. Actually the only time anyone has said anything has been in a yarn shop.

Anyway, I'll keep knitting in public. Just not on something that takes as much attention as this pattern.

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Sue said...

Do you know I never actually knitted in public, like a coffee shop until about a month ago, and it felt very strange. Knitting on the train was much easier than that, although I used to get a few stares from people and I am not even a guy. You should feel proud you are such a talented knitter, and not worry about it so much. My grandfather had seven children, and knitted everyone of them a lace shawl when they were born. I really dont know if he knitted them whilst he was in the air force though, but probably not. He was a very skilled knitter, and I am quite proud of him doing it too. I cant wait to see your progress on the Mystery Shawl too.