Monday, December 12, 2005

The holly and the knitting

The holly and the knitting

I don't really "do" Christmas anymore. I mean I don't actually get out the dusty boxes of ornaments and the plastic bags of tangled lights. My only holiday decoration is the one needlepointed pillow, a design of poinsettias in a wreath. It doesn't have quite the same effect as a giant tree covered with ornaments but it's enough. And it's a lot easier to put away.

I do still have all the boxes of ornaments. Who knows? Maybe next year I'll decide to put up a tree again. I almost did it this year but I got to looking at all the yarn and knitting projects that abound in my living room and decided it just wasn't worth the effort. So I was happy when I got this holly plant from my sister. The berries aren't real. And after Christmas the plant can go in the ground. Lisa has promised to find a home for it.

It's been really crazy at Skein, at least for me. We've had to ask some people to come back at another time for help. There's just no room at the table. I had at least ten students yesterday all in a three hour time period. That's a lot of hand holding and shuffling around, trying to keep everyone busy and getting their questions answered. I'm supposed to be knitting some scarves for one of Ann Mary's relatives. That is so not happening right now. I've done two and half of the ten that she wants.

Most of the really important knitting I'm doing as gifts is done. I have a few more fairly simple things to get started. I'm going on a knitting rescue mission today but I'll be able to work on some tube socks and maybe a scarf while I'm helping. And I'll be close enough to a yarn shop that I can get another skein or two of Noro Kureyon just in case I need to make another hat.

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