Friday, December 23, 2005



Some assembly required.

When I was at Stitch in Time on Monday I spotted this yarn. There was only one skein of it. And I've been in a hat making mode lately. So this seemed the perfect combination of events. I thought I'd get it done before Christmas but it's still in the hank and I've run out of time, almost, for making things. But I'll get to it soon.

This has really been a hat making season. Hats are the new scarves I guess. I did have a few people on Wednesday night who needed help with finishing their hats but there were some who just wanted to be out with other knitters. It was a fun, busy evening. I had a record number of students. And today, Thursday, there was no one at all. I have no idea why. The same thing happened last week. I hope tomorrow is busier. Although I could use the time to finish that last couple of things that I need for Sunday.

We didn't have Thursday night knitting because Mendy is ill. Probably the widely available flu. So I went to another friend's house and knitted for about three hours. And ate pastry. There was a parade in the middle of the evening. We thought there must have been a major fire nearby. It turned out to be the annual fire department parade through the neighborhood, decorated fire truck with siren. Fun.

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