Thursday, December 29, 2005

Craziness at the end of the year

Craziness at the end of the year

Perhaps that's overstating it. Maybe it just seems like we're getting more crazies because it's that week between Christmas and New Year's Eve when lots of people are not working and are just waiting for the next big thing, like the Rose Parade. I can spend an hour or more with someone who just doesn't know what she wants and then will turn around and buy the first thing she looked at. Or maybe she just wants to make conversation and doesn't realize that the person I'm sitting with is trying to learn something.

We have had a lot of out-of-towners, here for the Parade and/or the game next week. I'm sure they like the warm weather. Well comparatively warmer. South Dakota is a lot colder than So. Cal. but we think 48 degress F is pretty cold. And highs in the mid 60s is winter here. We feel the cold even if it's not as cold as say Michigan. And besides, you can't have a Parade when it's in the minus range. And I'm pretty tired of hearing about it.

There is talk of heavy rain for the weekend, especially on Sunday night and Monday morning. If that happens there's going to be a lot of wet, cold people. I'm planning to stay indoors all day both days, except for trips to the laundry room. We're closing early on Saturday so that will give me a head start.

Thursday night knitting was cancelled again this week because Mendy is still very sick. She hasn't said but it sounds like the really bad flu that is so popular right now.

I've started another hat and knit about an inch on the latest sock today. Lisa is coming over tonight and bringing the chulo hat that I made for her friend so I can weave in the last couple of ends that I forgot to weave before I wrapped it. And we'll have a practice New Year's Eve celebration. I got eighteen bottles of wine for Christmas so we should have plenty. And there's champagne from last year, just in case. So not much knitting tonight but I expect there'll be craziness.

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