Tuesday, December 13, 2005



There's really a dearth of photos right now. Most everything I'm knitting is for someone who generally reads my blog. It's even hard to talk about the stuff. I can tell you though that I finished one half of a project last night and cast on for the other half right away to avoid the bad luck risk. And I can also tell you that I like the way the first half came out.

The knitting rescue mission yesterday was a success. Mostly the problem was with the actual pattern. I used to rely on Berroco to be error free. That no longer seems to be the case. My friend has been trying to get this thing sorted out for at least six rips. But I think it's on track now.

During the chatting part of the mission we both realized that we needed more of one of the yarns we bought last month at Stitch in Time. I stopped by there on the way home. Panic! They didn't appear to have any more of the colors we needed. Turns out they had just moved it but no one remembered it. I found it and was out of there in about ten minutes. I didn't want to be tempted by their 25% off on all knitting yarns sale. Really! I'm just not going to buy any yarn for a while. Unless I need it to finish something. Or if it's just irresistable. Or sock yarn.

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