Friday, July 09, 2004


There are four sofas lined up on the curb in front of my condo. It looks like a cross between New Year's Day on Colorado Blvd. and a parking lot sale. These sofas, as well as the mattress across the street, have been left by people who no longer want them but don't want to take the responsiblity to dispose of them. Who do they think is going to haul them away? I know at least one of the sofas belonged to one of the tenants living in my building who moved away in the middle of the night. The owners of the unit have listed the condo for sale and are apparently cleaning it out.

I hate this kind of disregard of others. The idea seems to be that if one leaves it on the curb it's no longer one's problem. Anymore than the trash that flies out of car windows or the food containers that are dumped in the parking lot or thrown on the lawn or shopping carts left in the middle of the parking lot instead of returning them to the collection points or the store are problems. Who do they think ends up paying for this? These people are the true trash.

So much for the rant.

We had the good sense today to eat lunch early. And it was a very good thing. I don't think we stopped from noon until around four. I had a few students for most of the afternoon but I was able to work on the shop sample scarf for most of the time. I'm almost back to the point where I was when I had to start all over. The Bamboo yarn is a pleasure to work with but the Melody is terrible. Railroad yarns are bad enough but this one is also limp and saggy. I have to watch every stitch to keep from dropping one of the "rails" or slipping a stitch.

The mañanita shawl is progressing. I only have another 25 rows to go and then the border. But those are some very long rows. I'll probably get three or four more rows done tonight it the cat will leave me alone. He's been gorging himself for the past week. I have to walk him to his dish every time he wants to eat. I know that's dumb on my part but otherwise he just sits and wails pitifully. I can't stand that. So, anyway, I'm up and down most of the evening. Don't tell me you wouldn't do the same thing.

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