Friday, July 23, 2004

Public Service Announcement
This is a pretty neat feature of the new Blogger. You can select color from a drop down menu and it just does it for you. For me that's a big deal.

But the public service announcement I really wanted to make is here. Lisa sent me this link a week or so ago. If you're in the San Diego area, or anywhere really, you might be interested in helping out.

It continues to be hot and humid around here but that doesn't seem to deter the knitters. It was slow for a while this morning but then the crowds arrived. I had four students and two kibbitzers most of the afternoon. We're still selling the ponshawl like mad. Poncho mania. I may have to practice my limited crochet skills if this keeps up.

We had our Thursday night knitting group last night. We haven't met for a couple of weeks so it felt great to be back together. Smaller group than usual. Summer does that. Next week we're having a yarn re-distribution. I've already seen some of the available yarns. I hope there's no fighting.

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