Thursday, July 01, 2004

All better

Thanks to a lot of help and suggestions from friends and readers (plus Lisa) I'm now clear of pop-ups. The puny pop up blocker in my SBC/Yahoo is once again blocking. I installed Adaware and it found 367 items to quarantine. I will also install a couple more that will provide some backup to Adaware.

We celebrated Mendy's birthday tonight. What an incredible chocolate cake that was! It was all a lot of fun with perhaps a lot less knitting than usual. I know I didn't make much progress on the red shawl or the current poncho. We'll be skipping next week though. It's a good thing we had a second cake. At least I won't be behind on desserts.

I taught a couple of 10 year olds today. I thought they did well and they seemed pleased with their efforts. So were the grandmother and great aunt that brought them in. I had one other knitter going at the same time so it was a little intense for about an hour. Kids are fun to work with when they're really interested. Generally they don't have any of the "I can't do it" attitude that many adults have. I think it's also their ability to focus on what they're doing without all the other mental distractions that most adults have.

We're already receiving some of the fall yarns. They're not out on the floor yet. But it won't be long. From what I've seen so far I'd say the colors are deeper and richer even than last fall/winter. Still plenty of novelty stuff though. But I've been seeing some interest in more traditional looking yarns and traditional knitting. More classic shaping. I tend to believe that fashion is an emotional reflection of the times. I'll be watching to see just how conservative things become.

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