Monday, July 05, 2004

Happy 5th of July!

I hope you had a great 4th! This extra day that many people get due to the holiday falling on Sunday is one of my normal days off. Skein is closed on Monday so I never really get those extra holidays that I used to get when I was working in the real world. So it's not much of a holiday since I still have to do all the usual chores that I do on Monday. And I won't be getting any mail.

But I don't have to go anywhere so I'll be able to spend several hours on the Mananita poncho/shawl that I started yesterday. The pattern is in Shawls and Scarves from XRX and is a Meg Swansen design. I'm using Wildfoote sock yarn from Brown Sheep. The pattern calls for a 24" size 10US circular. I thought I had every needle size known to mankind but apparently I don't. So I'm using a 16" which seems to be okay for now even though I currently have 250 stitches. I'll probably switch to a 29" later today if things get too tight.

The pattern is not very difficult but it's a lot more fun than the plain knitting scarves I've been making lately. It's definitely one of those just one more row type of things. It took a while for me to figure out the charting though. And creating 18 stitches on three yarn overs it a little fiddly until you get the hang of it.

So, even though I have several other projects that need attention, this is my holiday knitting.

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