Monday, July 26, 2004

Another post with no pictures
I tried to take a picture of the Lost Points shawl but none of the three were usable. I spent part of the morning trying to block it to see if I could stop or reduce the curling. As soon as I spread the towels on the living room floor Patrick came and stretched out. Then he was very interested in all the pins I was using. But I got it all laid out and then noticed a loose stitch that was starting to run. Out came the pins. I fixed the loose stitch and decided to try steaming the shawl instead. It helped some but wasn't a permanent fix. So I'm taking it to Skein tomorrow and giving it to Ann Mary. I'm done.

I finished the main section of the mañanita poncho and have started the border. It took me a while to get started because I thought the border would be worked counter clockwise. But it isn't. I don't have many repeats done but I'm beginning to remember the pattern. There are only a few stitches per row so I have to turn the work all the time and that's kind of irritating. I think I'm going to see about getting this blocked professionally.

Tonight it's sock knitting, for sure. Too hot to handle anything bigger.


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