Tuesday, July 20, 2004

How many days 'til winter? Pity the poor firemen fighting the Santa Clarita blaze. It's hotter up there than Pasadena, even without the fire. That blaze is not close to where I live but there are hills and mountains above Pasadena that are as subject to wild fires as anywhere. So far, so good. We're just hoping that no one does anything stupid like go target practicing or even worse something malicious.
I thought I'd finish the Lost Points scarf today but didn't quite get there. I have another two rows plus the bind off. The last of the yarn is badly tangled so I spend most of the time undoing it. I now know, thanks to a friendly email, that the Melody yarn should be re-wound into a center pull ball before beginning to work with it. Should there be a next time, I'll be prepared.
The mañanita shawl has been stalled for a couple of days. Hope has finished hers and it's fantastic. If I can get anywhere near that one I'll be happy.

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