Wednesday, July 07, 2004

Mañanita, maybe

Thanks to Lynn H I now know how to insert a tilde. And I can tell you that I only completed two rows on the mañanita shawl last night. The rows are long but that wasn't the problem. There are just so many other things to get done before I can sit down and knit. Errands that I don't get done in the morning, playing with the cat, answering emails and phone calls. And dinner and dishes. But I did get those two rows done.

I had four new knitters today, not quite all at the same time but they did overlap. A school librarian, an elementary grade school teacher and a mother/daughter combo. Two of them were really quite comfortable with what they were doing in a fairly short time. The other two, well, it will take a while longer. Even though it's summer the shop continues to be quite busy. Most of the traffic is in the afternoon now. More shelves have been added but the yarn just keeps coming in. A few fall/winter things and more books. Some gorgeous hand painted skeins of Cherry Tree Hill lace weight that will make beautiful shawls. There's a couple that I'd like to have but I don't think I'll get them. Or maybe just one.

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