Thursday, July 08, 2004

I managed a few more rows on the mañanita shawl last night and this morning. I'm finally up to 500 stitches which I think is the max number. I may have dropped a stitch on the last round. I won't know for sure until I start the next set of repeats. Fortunately the Wildfoote holds on to stitches pretty well so if I did drop a stitch it should be easy to find and pick up. Or maybe I just miscounted.

We had an invasion of pregnant Chinese women today. Just as we were finishing up the early morning rush and were getting ready for lunch a group of ten or twelve women came in. Of the group at least six were pregnant. Ann Mary said they were probably all staying in the US waiting for their children to be born here. They weren't buying yarn to make baby things but instead were buying yarn for scarves and shawls. They were there for at least two hours. I was happy that a new student came in for a lesson which took me out of the mob. And I had a second student before it was all over. Neither of us had lunch until after three o'clock. I didn't even get the shop sample scarf out of the bag.

My friend Renee came in to look over the new yarns. She and her husband and son just moved into their new home this past weekend. We're all very pleased and excited for her. There were so many delays and fiascos along the way that I imagine she's just glad it's all over. I hope she can relax now and begin to enjoy it. We went for an early dinner at Amigos and had sangria and margaritas.

No knitting night this week. Mendy and her husband went off to celebrate her birthday and their wedding anniversary over the weekend so she's home catching up on all her paperwork. Next week should be fun.

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