Wednesday, May 05, 2004


Do you ever feel like you have too many projects going? I know I do. Right now I have three or four pairs of socks in various stages of completion, a shop sample (that's almost done), the sweater for my friend Robert, a shawl and a multi-directional scarf. And those are just the ones that are easily accessible. When we were at Velona's on Monday I got some Cotton Classic for a poncho/shawl, like the one I just made for Skein, and some Pingouin Coquillage, a blend of cotton, linen and rayon. I think it might be an old yarn since it was very inexpensive compared to similar yarns currently on the market. Anyway, I'm thinking I might just have too many things in the works.

I'd like to stay home today and rest some more. But I have one person coming for a "consultation" on a pattern that I've written for her. Plus she's going to pick up the yarn I bought for her at Velona's. And I have two people coming for a lesson. And the yarns I wound last night will be picked up. I am feeling a lot better today. Maybe by tomorrow this will be over.

It's Cinco de Mayo today. I'd love to go to Amigos tonight and join the celebration but I think I'll probably just come home and work on some of those projects.

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