Monday, May 17, 2004

I don't speak Cat, or read or write it for that matter. I wish I did. I'd post a sign that said "Do Not Disturb. Blog reading in progress." Patrick is constantly coming up to me and meowing about something. Usually he just wants me to play Snake or point him to his dish. I think he must have had a very disturbed early kittenhood. He almost never eats if I don't show him his dish, even though he's standing right beside it. And I'm pretty sure he thinks my days off are for his benefit. "Oh, goody! We can play Snake all day long." Sometimes, when I'm knitting, he comes and tries to tell me something. I wish I knew what it was. If I don't get up and see what he wants he will just sigh and flop down on the floor beside me. Or if he's really ticked off he will claw my chair because he knows how much that irritates me. But most of the time he's a sweetheart.

I finished one of the lace socks I showed last week. I even grafted the toe. What a royal pain that is. Maybe it'll get easier with practice. I've cast on and worked the ribbing for the second sock and will try to get a lot of that done today. We've been so busy at Skein that I haven't made much progress on the cabled sweater so I might spend an hour or so on that today. I ripped one of the socks I've been working on, just too big, so now I can start something else. It'll probably be another sock although I'd like to do something with the La Luz yarn that Mendy brought me from Alberquerque. Or a top from some of the stuff I got at Velona's the last time I went there. And I have several languishing scarves that need to be finished or ripped. So I just don't have time for Snake today.

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