Thursday, March 11, 2004

Still stocking

I know it's too soon to tell but if the past couple of days are any indication the new Skein location is going to be a big hit. I know a lot of the traffic is from people who are curious but we also are seeing people we never saw before. We're waiting for some more shelving and there's still a little electrical stuff to get straightened out but it's taking shape.

I haven't had time to knit during the day so I was glad tonight was my knit together at Mendy's. I finished the last ten rows on the textured squares scarf and then worked on the red shawl until I ran out of yarn. I forgot to take an additional skein. So I worked a little on the denim Jawoll socks that I started a few weeks ago. I'll be going in a couple of hours earlier than usual for the next week or so. Not much time for knitting in the morning. Gotta play with Patrick sometime.

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