Tuesday, March 30, 2004

Patrick swings

Those of you who have a cat, or cats, will already know this. Cats believe that we exist to feed and entertain them. Patrick is no exception. Right now he's a little ticked at me because I won't give him any more treats. The other night he refused to eat his regular scientifically balanced kibble. He sulked and sulked but finally gave in a went ahead and ate. I told him cats do not live by treats alone. He just looked the other way as though I wasn't even in the room.

You also know how cats love to get into bags and boxes. I have a couple of plastic boxes waiting to be filled with stash. Patrick loves to get in these boxes. So, thinking I would just tease him a little, I picked him up in the box he was currently enjoying. He didn't jump out so I tried just swinging it back and forth a little. He didn't jump out. Now, every morning, right after his scientifically balanced breakfast, he runs and jumps in the box. I spend five minutes or so swinging him back and forth and carrying him around. If he's not satisfied he comes and scratches my computer chair which he knows is going to tick me off. I'm thinking of putting the laundry basket over him.

The trip to Phebie's was a success. I got a hank of Schaeffer sock weight yarn (Anne) in a beautiful red colorway and some Cervinia Forever Jacquard sock yarn. I now have three hanks of the Schaeffer Anne. One of these days I'll find the perfect pattern. I've never tried the Cervinia. It's very inexpensive (cheap) so I'm not sure if it's going to work up very well. Thus speaks the yarn snob. But I like the sort of acidy pastels. How bad could it be? Anyone know?

We didn't go to Velona's. That's going to take stronger meds. So maybe next week.

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