Friday, March 26, 2004

The long week

Usually the weeks go by so fast I'm not sure what day it is. Well, I know when it's Monday because that's the day I don't go to Skein. All the others though, they're all mixed up and kind of all the same. Not in a bad way, just busy. This week though has just drug its self from day to day.

It's only Friday. Two more work days to go. On the up side though, this will be the last Sunday I'll be working for at least six months. Skein will be closed on Sunday starting in April. What will I do with two days off?

I hope I'll have some uninterrupted knitting time. It seems like it's been a month since I've really done any serious knitting. A few rounds on the current sock project while I'm between students or customers at Skein. I did work some on the red shawl last night at our Thursday night knit together. Fairly mindless knitting so I don't feel like I've actually done anything. Mendy and I are starting a mini-knit-a-long in a couple of weeks. We'll be making the Wave and Shell shawl after she comes back from New Mexico. And I'm starting a new shop sample for a poncho.

So it's not that I'm not really doing any knitting. It's just that it's being sort of doled out in tiny segments.

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