Friday, March 19, 2004

Fruit Cake

Finished the last of the pecan pineapple fruitcake this morning. You didn't know but I'm one of those apparently rare people who likes fruit cake. Well, most of the ones I've tried. A friend gave me this fruit cake after Christmas because he doesn't particularly care for fruit cake. So I've been having blocks of it for breakfast. I really need to go to the market. Today I had to make a decision. There wasn't enough left for two blocks but too much for one portion. I chose the too much for one portion option and it really wasn't too much. I enjoyed every extra bite.

Why am I telling you this? Well, there isn't much knitting to report. I started a new sock yesterday and will be starting over later today. I'm using some Patons Kroy sock yarn and it calls for a US3. That's just way too loose and sloppy for me but I had to try it first just so I'd be sure. It's a good thing that I was fairly busy at Skein yesterday or I'd really feel bad about how much knitting I'll be ripping.

In other even less newsworthy knitting news, I finished ripping the five rows at 350 stitches per row shawl screw up and have made my correction. I'm about half a row from having regained the lost ground.

We had a good time at the Thursday night knit together. What's not to have a good time about? Is it important to like everyone all the time? Can you just accept that some people are boring and let it go at that? Well, we did have some terrific pastries and pretty much solved the world's problems.

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