Tuesday, July 30, 2002

Today I made my first ever face cloth. Kinda neat. I used the Diagonal Owl Pattern from Knitting About.Com. It was fun to see the owl take shape. I can see how these things could be great gifts, stocking stuffers etc. There's a great site called Dishcloth Boutique that has tons of patterns.So now I know what to do with the left over Sugar 'n Cream. Not sure how many people are going to like bright orange, however.

I restarted the mellow yellow top tonight. Cast on and got the ribbing done for the back. I wonder if I should put the lace insert in the back as well as the front. Is it going to be uncomfortable when leaning back in a chair, for example? Any thoughts on this?

I also swatched some Turino silk from Plymouth Yarns. This yarn is 100% silk but is very reasonably priced. Something like $6.50 or $7.00 per skein. 103 yards. According to my Sweater Wizard calculations I have enough to make a long sleeved, v-neck sweater. The swatch at the suggested gauge is a little open and drapes beautifully. I've seen this yarn knit at a tighter gauge and it seems a little stiff so I think I'll go with the size 9's. Almost a quick knit!

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