Thursday, July 11, 2002

Yesterday I went to Skein just to escape the heat. It was ultra dead. Ann Mary and I had plenty of time to just catch up on all that is going on at the shop, with the stock market and the Knit Out that's taking place in Santa Monica on September 2.

She asked me what I had learned at all the other shops I've been visiting that might be useful to Skein. Actually, there isn't much that can be directly applied. The biggest difference is in how yarns are displayed. Some of the shops are very cozy and country cottage looking; some are just perfunctory. Skein is pretty disciplined but it is nice. It really reflects Ann Mary's personality. We need more shelving for the growing inventory. That's going to be a problem in that small space. I'm concerned that it might begin to look like a warehouse.

No new projects to report on. Just about done with the orange Rebecca top.

So, I'm off to bowling.

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