Monday, July 29, 2002

Drinking hot water is no substitute for coffee. I have to go for some lab work today at Kaiser so I can't have anything to eat or drink, except water, until I'm done. Only a couple of hours to go.

Friday and Saturday at Skein were both very busy days for me. Taught a couple of brand new knitters. We have a large number of Chinese customers, many of whom speak about as much English as I speak Chinese. So we have a good time. Taught one lady how to make the openings for the legs in a dog sweater. That took a long time since I thought she wanted to make the whole sweater. But she went away happy. She was using her own yarn, purchased for $1.00 for 10 skeins in Shanghai. The yarn looked pretty but it was really not so terrific. I loaned her some bamboo needles to work on and now they're a lovely shade of burnt sienna.

Sunday was very quiet. Another customer came back for a refresher on how to do the long tail cast on. She had just learned it the day before. She wants to make a sweater similar to one she purchased. Big oversized cowl neck number. And she's in a hurry. No pattern, of course, she just wants to make it up as she goes along. This is not going to be fun.

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