Monday, July 15, 2002

SRO at Skein on Saturday and Sunday. People I haven't seen in a while and people who haven't seen each other. Lots of "howya beens" and "whatcha workin' ons". Mostly it was just good, clean fun. I love it when it's like this. Everybody entertains each other while I may be busy helping someone.

I knit the front and back of a baby sweater and will do the sleeves today. These are fast and are a good way to show off some of the yarns in the shop, especially if the yarn isn't moving really well. I hope to finish the sweater today so I can take it with me tomorrow when I go in. I'm covering Tuesday afternoon (I'm not usually there on that day) because the instructor for that day is hospitalized for a few days. That also means that I will not have Tuesday Night Knitting. Same person.

Does anyone know when Theresa (Bagatelle) will be back? Bonne Marie is back, so that's a good thing. And Betsee, happy day. Still waiting for a few others and some are just leaving. It's sure hard keeping up.

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