Saturday, July 06, 2002

Skein reopened yesterday after a short vacation for Ann Mary. She was afraid no one would come back. She said there was no one in the shop for the first hour and she was feeling worried. But it got busier after that and stayed busy the rest of the day. I spent most of the time with people who just had a question or needed a little reassurance. It's always nice when I can help someone out and a relief when I know the answer.

It's funny how we will see someone for several weeks running and then all of sudden they disappear. Then they show up again, which is fun. Kinda like a family reunion. I have hopes that several people I've met via email and blog will come in this weekend. Will just have to wait and see it their plans materialize.

I worked on the new shop sample most of last week and finished the back. Then yesterday I discovered that I had two different yarns. Some of the skeins were Bouton d'Or and some were Anny Blatt. The two yarns are very similar. I guess when we pulled the yarn from the shelf we didn't notice they had gotten mixed together. At home they look the same but in the better light of the store it's easy to see that one is a little less black than the other. So when I have time I will be ripping out a little more than half of the lacy back and trying to keep from losing stitches. I dread this. My students will do almost anything to avoid having to rip out even a few rows so they take great delight in my having to do this. I, of course, take the higher moral ground that if you knit you will rip. And it's a good antidote to hubris.

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