Friday, August 02, 2002

I love days like this. The morning is cool and overcast. A reminder that fall is coming. Not that we don't have a lot of hot days still to go. Time to start looking at some new knitting. What about all those unfinished projects from the summer? They'll get done, sometime. Just need a few more days on the black lace top and the mellow yellow top is moving along.

I'm starting an on-line web design class on Monday. My class materials haven't arrived yet but I already have one of the recommended texts so I think I'll be okay. I've been playing around with Word for the past couple of days. When I was working I didn't have much use for all the stuff you can do with it. Not that I have much use for it now, but it's fun just the same.

Looking forward to my weekend at Skein. You just never know what's going to happen. And there will probably be some more new yarns. Hip! Hip! Hot damn!