Saturday, June 01, 2002

Very busy day at Skein! All the chairs were full and people were milling about. Mostly people who just needed a little shove to get on with it. Several new knitters who were buying yarn for their first project. That's so exciting. I think working in a yarn shop must be a lot like being a hairdresser. People tell you the most amazing things.

The Blossom sweater is hanging in the shop and is really helping this yarn to move. People love the feel of it. I don't usually tell them how tedious it is to work with. Maybe they'll have a different experience.

I'm trying my first top down set in sleeve. You have to pick up all the stitches around the armhole and then work in short rows gradually adding stitches as the work progresses. I have to figure out how to center the rib pattern but that should be simple once I know how many stitches I have all together. Tonight's a quiet one for me so this should be a perfect time to get this started.

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