Sunday, June 16, 2002

It's really great to be a dad! I had a wonderful evening with my daughter, although she made me drink way too much wine and a marguerita on top of it all. She got me started on my web page and we played around with all the things you can do with your page. I'm very excited to get started on this. I've been reading Learning Web Design. Now I can begin to apply some of the stuff I've been reading. Coming soon to this theater etc.

I've been wanting a user friendly chair for use with my computer for a very long time. That was my Father's Day gift. Thanks, Lisa. I put it together tonight. Being slightly tipsy made it a lot easier! So now I'm really set. It's so terrific when someone pays attention and surprises you with the very thing you've been wanting.

Today at Skein... absolutely no paying customers! Very depressing. I did have two ladies who needed help. One I had made a pattern for (using Sweater Wizard) and another whom I taught to use her gauge to figure out how to adapt a pre-existing pattern. So while sitting waiting I finished the bottom rib of the Sage pattern. Way too much excitement for a hot Sunday afternoon.

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