Sunday, June 09, 2002

It's raining in sunny Southern California. But then it is June so you can expect just about anything. My stupid MSN web page says it's sunny, but they've never been real accurate anyway. But trust me. The sound of cars on wet streets is unmistakable and is a sweet sound to wake up to. Especially if you don't like bright light.

So I'm really having a good time with the new project, the Shapely Tank Top. I'm using the Dale Kolibri called for in the specs and it's very cool. It does want to split a little when you're busy talking to someone or just thinking about what you're going to have for lunch. So if you try it, keep an eye on it. Short rows are a very good way to add shaping to you garment but a little tricky to keep track of and they don't always hide real well, but they do make the shaping nice. Just don't look too close at the details and you'll be okay.

Going to a surprise birthday party tonight. Former co-worker and cohort. Don't know how he got to be 50 and I hate to think what that says about me. Haven't seen him in a long time so this will be good. On the down side, I'm gonna miss game three (already missed game two for the ballet) unless those smart folks have a TV that works.

Tres good day at Skein yesterday. Just enough action to make the day move along. Only one student but she was a good talker so it was like visiting with old friends. Did some good business too so Ann Mary will be pleased when she sees the receipts. Her son, Steven, took care of the register and played games on the computer. He brought a friend with him for part of the day. Ah ha! so that's what it's like to be not quite 20 in the day and age. And we all had pizza for lunch. As I said, a good day.

Today is only for three hours so I should be able to breeze through that. Gotta go vacuum now before the floor turns to mud.

This did not post before so I'm trying it again. So the above may be a duplicate if it's just a delay with Blogger.

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