Saturday, June 22, 2002

Summer is officially here. It started with rain! How bizarre. But it's certainly preferable to the hot days we had last week. It's still gloomy today. Maybe some people will think of knitting.

I took the Sage sweater to Skein yesterday. Ann Mary seemed really pleased with it. I think she's planning to wear it herself. And now I have another project. We have new yarn called Organdi, from Bouton d'Or. I'm trying to decide which pattern from their book to use. Ann Mary wants something with lace. I don't actually like any of the patterns. I think I'm going for something very simple with just some openwork around the bottom and on the sleeves. There's one dress that looks challenging but Ann Mary wants it as a top. So I have to figure out how many stitches to cast on after all the skirt decreases have been made so I'll know where to begin. Does that make sense?

Skein will be closed for a couple of weeks after this weekend. Annual vacation. So I have next weekend free. I'm sorta planning to go to the Pacific Asia Museum to see the textile show.

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